Sacramento Antique Faire

Spreading over two blocks in the city, the Sacramento Antique Faire is a really popular market gathering once a month more than 300 vendors from all over California and beyond

Once a month, more than 300 vendors from all over Northern California and beyond bring their wares to the Sacramento Antique Faire to display and to hawk. Spreading over two blocks in the city, the Sacramento Antique Faire is a really popular market. It is well known in Sacramento and always attracting the crowds. It opens up early, and those most interested in securing the best bargains should be sure to arrive when the vendors are unpacking.

Vendors at the Sacramento Antique Faire have a huge range of goods for sale, and take pride in stocking antiques and only antiques. There are jewelry collections, dishes, glasses, crystal, vintage clothes, tools, tables, chairs, books, vinyl records, paintings, toys and so much more. Prices are generally reasonable, and bargaining is of course encouraged, though some vendors are more likely than others to be flexible on their asking prices. Shoppers should persevere and shop around, and bargains can always be found.

The Sacramento Antique Faire is a really welcoming venue, so perfect for those just getting into antiques and collecting. All the vendors are friendly and happy to share their knowledge regarding their collections and antiques in general. The organizers of the event are really helpful too, and visitors all talk to each other and chat about their finds. The relaxed and friendly vibe here is one of the reasons that visitors find themselves coming back month after month.

Sacramento Antique Faire is strategically set up under the freeway for the most part, so there is plenty of shade on hot days and also some shelter from the rain on wet ones! The market takes place come rain or shine anyway, so it is great to have a little coverage. There are always a few food trucks here too, though refreshments can also be found easily in the city. Strolling the booths of the Sacramento Antique Faire is the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

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