Sandton Antique Fair

Since its inception back in 1992, the Sandton Antique Fair has evolved into one of the most prestigious antique fairs in South Africa and is now a destination that some tourist collectors plan their holiday around

Since 1992, the Sandton Antique Fair has been the best place in South Africa to find rare vintage and collectible items. It has grown steadily over the years, and its move of location in 2008 allowed it to really expand and better accommodate the larger crowds that attend. It takes place in Nelson Mandela Square, a perfect central location in Johannesburg that is easy to find, and once there it is too easy to get lost among the stalls.

From its humble beginnings, the Sandton Antique Fair now hosts up to 70 dealers and takes place just once each month. It takes over the mall and spreads over two levels here, giving shoppers plenty of chance to spread out and ensure they get to see every stall here. This market has a reputation as the most prestigious in South Africa and is now a destination that tourist collectors will plan their holiday around, as it is considered a once in a lifetime chance to browse through the incredible antiques that are found here.

Items found at the Sandton Antique Fair come from all over the world. Shoppers will find porcelain items, copper pieces, Victorian silverware, clocks, vases, vintage clothing, jewelry, decorative pieces, many curios and so much more. Those planning a trip to Johannesburg are well-advised to work it around a Sunday when this market takes place!

The vendors doing business at the Sandton Antique Fair are consummate professionals and certainly know a thing or two about vintage and antique pieces. This market is a great place for those searching for specific items, as vendors are well informed regarding their neighbors’ wares and are happy to help fellow collectors become united with desired items. More casual shoppers will love chatting with the vendors and discovering the unique stories behind many of the items for sale. It is hard not to fall in love with the historic pieces for sale here, and definitely impossible to leave empty-handed.

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