St. Jacobs Antiques Market

Antique lovers in Ontario will be hard pushed to find a better collection under one roof than St. Jacobs Antiques Market, which boasts 22,000 square feet of shopping space

Antique lovers in Ontario will be hard pushed to find a better collection under one roof than St. Jacobs Antiques Market. The store boasts 22,000 square feet of shopping space, in which more than 100 vendors are in situ touting their wares. It is located less than a mile away from the almost eponymous St. Jacobs Market Road Antiques and has been voted The Best Antique Store in South Western Ontario for many years, and its reputation is fast growing further afield. Whether serious collector or casual browser, any visitor to this store will be amazed by the goods on display.

St. Jacobs Antiques Market is a large, stand-alone building, with historical artifacts carefully placed around the exterior of the building to lure in history fans. These items offer just a small taste of the treasures within. With so many vendors, there is of course a wonderful wide selection of goods to be found inside, and the store is well organized so that visitors can easily navigate the thousands of treasures to be seen.

Vendors at St. Jacobs Antiques Market are as passionate about their wares as the most hardened collector, and the quality of the items throughout the store is excellent. Vinyl collections can be found here with many records in mint condition, record players can also be bought of course. Large and small furniture items can be found, also works of art, ornamental items, typewriters, sewing machines, advertising memorabilia, old shop signs, bicycles and plenty of weird and wonderful unique items that will make for great conversation pieces in the home.

St. Jacobs Antiques Market does indeed feel much more akin to a market experience than a store, despite everything being under one roof. As at a market, food and refreshments is also available here, so it is easy to spend at least half a day shopping. Prices are more than reasonable, so there is certainly something for every budget here. Visitors local to the area are guaranteed to come back again and again.

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