St. Jacobs Market Road Antiques

For collectors and bargain hunters in Ontario who simply can not wait for weekly or monthly markets to rummage through antique and vintage treasures, Market Road Antiques is an absolute must-visit

For collectors and bargain hunters in Ontario who simply can not wait for weekly or monthly markets, St. Jacobs Market Road Antiques is an absolute must-visit. This store strives to provide an authentic flea market experience all under one roof, by housing more than 100 vendors to sell their goods here. With more than 20,000 square feet of space, it is a delight to take a casual stroll around the stalls and rummage through the many treasures on display. St. Jacobs Market Road Antiques should not be mistaken with St. Jacobs Antiques Market, another promising antique mall located less than a mile away.

The vendors at St. Jacobs Market Road Antiques certainly know their business. They are incredibly friendly and helpful, and there is nothing they do not know about the goods they have for sale. Care is taken to ensure that all the collections within the store remain fresh, and new items are added to the stalls on a daily basis. This means that no matter how regularly collectors swing by, there will always be something new to admire and negotiate for!

St. Jacobs Market Road Antiques offers a fantastic range of antique and collectable goods for sale. Visitors will find wonderful jewelry collections, vintage books and artwork, vinyl records, toys, vintage clothing, old radios, ornaments, clocks, bicycles, luggage and so much more. Plenty of the goods represent local and continental history, though there are also antiques from around the world. If visitors are unable to find certain items of interest, it is always worth asking around the vendors, as it is quite likely that extra goods are tucked away, or at least they will have a good idea of where to continue searching.

Pricing of the items at St. Jacobs Market Road Antiques is more than reasonable, and no shopper will feel priced out here. A certain amount of negotiating is welcomed, if only to engage in a friendly chat about the desired items. Visitors are advised to bring cash for the inevitable spending that will happen here, as not all the vendors are able to accept card payments.

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