St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’

A true paradise for thrift enthusiasts and flea market lovers, St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’ is the longest standing flea market in Belgium and is immensely popular with both locals and tourists visiting Ghent

In the heart of the city of Ghent, St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’ brings the market place to life every weekend throughout the year. Nestled around the St Jacobs church in the old town, St Jacobs ‘Pprondelmarkt’ is the longest standing flea market in Belgium (since the early 20th century) and is immensely popular with both locals and tourists to the area. This is a one stop spot for all your retro and vintage needs.

Many of the merchants setting up shop at St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’ are regulars, owning their space at this flea for years. Because of this, St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’ is the perfect location for anyone seeking out a bit of true Belgian culture and local knowledge of the area. It is also, of course, the ideal place to be for those that enjoy a little story telling to accompany their shopping trip. There is no end of nostalgia surrounding the goods up for sale here, and vendors are more than happy to share every bit of it.

There is a typical market atmosphere at St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’, with vendors yelling out details about their goods and trying to ensnare passers-by with boasts of their best prices. Shoppers will be hard pushed to leave this flea empty handed, as there is a ton of awesome, old schools goods to be found. There is vintage clothing, antique telephones, vinyl collections, toys that will have every child of the 70s and 80s reminiscing, crockery and dining ware collections, posters, ornaments and too many knick-knacks and curios to mention.

St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’ is so embedded in the tradition of this area that many second-hand and flea market-type shops have also popped up in the surrounding area. Therefore, thrift enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise here. There are also lovely cafes along the streets close by so refreshment is always close at hand when a break from the bargains is needed.

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