Antiek-Depot is a huge industrial space in Ghent that houses 15 antique dealers, each curating a fantastic collection of antiques and vintage items for shoppers to enjoy

The city of Ghent has some fantastic flea markets, and to accompany them, some amazing antique stores. One of the biggest is Antiek-Depot, a huge industrial space that was the former iron works in the heart of the city. The building now houses 15 dealers, each curating a fantastic collection of antiques and vintage items for shoppers to enjoy.

Since it is open daily, Antiek-Depot is perfect for shoppers and collectors who need to scratch their itch more often than the local flea markets – like St Jacobs ‘Prondelmarkt’ – may allow! No need to worry that the goods will become predictable with the daily opening: the owners ensure that displays are switched around and new items on offer weekly. Therefore, even the most regular visitors will still find new items to enjoy with each visit.

The collections within Antiek-Depot are spread over two large floors, and each area is crammed full of amazing items. Whatever may be collected, an example of it is probably lurking somewhere within the hoards of goods. It just may take a little patience to root through and find it! Items for sale include old cinema seats, Danish designer chairs and other items of furniture, children’s toys, car models, vases, mannequins, mirrors, artwork, teddy bears, shop signs, newspapers, books and so much more.

The store owners of Antiek-Depot and the vendors are always available to assist in any way. Everyone within is friendly and knowledgeable, and happy to share any information they have about the goods a visitor may be interested in. They can also help shoppers locate specific collectables, so do not be shy to ask for a hand if you need one.

Antiek-Depot is easy to find in the center of Ghent and easily accessible. There are also refreshments available on site and in the surrounding area, so you can easily spend a whole day within this amazing store.

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