Southern Dutchess Flea Market (formerly Stormville Flea Market)

With acres upon acres of stalls and over 600 vendors dealing in antiques, arts & crafts and new merchandise, it is no surprise that regular visitors call Stormville Flea Market a bargain hunter’s delight

Located in the historic Hudson Valley, halfway between Manhattan and Albany, Stormville Flea Market hosts 6 times a year over 600 vendors from more than eight states dealing in antiques, arts & crafts and new merchandise.

With acres upon acres of stalls it is no surprise that regular visitors call it a bargain hunter’s delight. Newcomers are welcomed and likely to make an exceptional find. From iconic handbags over dog treats (!) to the most exquisite fine china – Stormville Flea Market is a treasure trove of collectables.

Stormville Flea Market provides its visitors with a fun and family friendly atmosphere. Seek out priceless antiques and hand crafted furniture whilst exploring the land belonging to an abandoned airport. Stalls of hundreds of professional vendors and inventive food concession will certainly help stir curiosity.

Operating since 1970 just off the beautiful winding Taconic State Parkway, Stormville Flea Market is steeped in history and with a bit of luck you will be able to meet one of its original vendors. This the most perfect place to enjoy the charm of past times whilst finding the matching pair of Elvis lamps you have always wanted.

The Stormville Flea Market can only be described as vast. The old Stormville Airport is categorised in two sides, with newer items on one side and the antique section on the other. What Disneyland is for kids, Stormville is for the flea market junkie. The antiques area can vary in size, with generally more vendors present in the summer months. Make sure you look deep as you will likely find a diamond in the rough.

For all the foodies out there, the Stormville Flea Market also hosts a range of stalls that offer traditional hamburgers and hot dogs, spicy Philly cheese steaks, freshly made kettle corn and many more mouth-watering snacks. No visit to the market is complete without a relaxing drink in the cosy beer garden of ‘The Rotary Club’.

And to keep the whole family happy, there is a well maintained activity area for children, complete with inflatable slides and bouncy castles. These cost a nominal fee but the well trained staff make sure that parents and kids can enjoy their flea market experience to the fullest.

If you are travelling to Stormville Flea Market, it is advisable to set off early. Arriving after 9am will guarantee a long wait in traffic. Also make sure that you have enough cash on you as not all vendors accept card. Dealers often have other antiques in the car and no space to display them so ask them if you like their collection.

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3 reviews

  1. Fun event for the thrifty shopper. While some vendors have tents, the event is entirely outdoors, so plan accordingly. Also, much of it is in grass or dirt, so wear comfortable athletic shoes that you don’t mind dirtying.

  2. Stormville Flea Market is a great place to stroll and relive your past, while shopping for socks, tops and farm fresh produce. Plus a whole lot more, visitors should leave plenty of time for taking in all what the vendors have to offer. Feel free to barter it makes the day feel accomplished and bring a cart to carry back your treasures, if you forget one there will be a vendor to purchase one. Enjoy the day, grab a bite to eat and go home exercised.

  3. Large flea market featuring lots of items. On a nice day can be hard getting in and out because of the traffic. There are several sections – new items, old/antique and a food section.

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