Strasburg Antique Market

Established in 1996, the Strasburg Antique Market features authentic antiques and collectibles in 10,000 square foot restored tobacco warehouse

The building that houses the Strasburg Antique Market since 1996, is perfectly fit to showcasing authentic antiques and collectibles. It is a beautifully restored 10,000 square foot tobacco warehouse from the late 19th century, that has three entire floors filled to the brim with antique and vintage items for sale. There are many different vendors within, each one as knowledgeable as the next about their goods specifically and antiques in general. The owners of the store are also passionate about antiques and collecting, so take care that their vendors are like minded.

With so much space at the owners’ disposal, shoppers might expect to be overwhelmed by goods when visiting Strasburg Antique Market. However, great care is obviously taken to ensure that the layout of the store is well organized and individual stalls also take care with their presentation. Walking through here is like strolling around a museum, when all the items on display are for sale! An antique collector can not ask for more.

The customer service at Strasburg Antique Market is second to none. Staff go out of their way to offer help and assistance wherever it is needed, and they are happy to share their knowledge about the antiques on display in the store. There is certainly something to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets – old typewriters can be found here, as well as toys, vintage advertising memorabilia and signage, furniture, china ware, Americana, grandfather clocks, books, tools and more.

With 10,000 square foot over three floors to cover, a couple of hours can easily be spent inside Strasburg Antique Market. Treasures are found around every corner, and visitors are sure to leave with a list of what they want to buy at the next visit. It is easy to see why locals visit this store regularly. No matter how often shoppers swing by, there is always something new to see and add to the wish list!

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