Renningers Adamstown Antiques Market

One of the largest regular antique markets in Pennsylvania, Renningers Adamstown Antiques Market is a weekly extravaganza hosting over 375 dealers indoors and up to 300 outdoors

Renningers Adamstown Antiques Market is a weekly extravaganza hosting over 375 dealers indoors and up to 300 outdoors (weather permitting). It is quite the event in the area, and one of the largest regular antique markets in Pennsylvania. Locals are sure to be regular visitors, though the market attracts its fair share of those from out of town too. The lure of quality antiques and amazing bargains is just too strong! Renningers are know for their antique markets, like for instance the renowned Renninger’s Mount Dora and Antique Center in Florida which is also worth checking out.

As with all of the best antique markets, shoppers are advised to arrive at Renningers Adamstown Antiques Market at the crack of dawn. At this time, the atmosphere is positively buzzing. During autumn and winter months, dark mornings do not slow business as both vendors and shoppers operate by flashlight in the early hours. Some of the best treasures can be snagged during the first hour or two of the market, and collectors are sure to be among the first through the doors. Outdoor stands tend to be ready before the indoor market is opened up, so it is like getting the chance to visit two markets at one location.

There is certainly something for everyone at Renningers Adamstown Antiques Market. Casual shoppers and serious collectors alike will not leave empty-handed. This is the place to go for antique furniture, comic collections, old one-armed bandits, vintage advertising signs, gas station memorabilia, toys, posters and artwork, musical instruments, lamps, chinaware, jewelry, and more. If you see something you like, it is best to strike a deal straight away as it probably will not be available for long.

Once the indoor area opens at Renningers Adamstown Antiques Market, it is possible to grab some refreshments within. These are definitely welcome after an early start! It means the whole day can be spent shopping too, which is great as there is so much to see and buy of course.

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