Sunder Nagar Antique Market

A bit of a rarity in Dehli, the Sunder Nagar Antique Market has a long held reputation for stocking antiques and artwork of high quality and a certain class

Located close to the zoological gardens on Mathura road, the Sunder Nagar Antique Market is a bit of a rarity in Dehli. It is not a market that has tried to keep up with the times and change according to trends. It has stayed more traditional, and is more quiet with a calmer atmosphere than many of the markets in the city. The shops in this area and the market stalls themselves have a long held reputation for stocking antiques and artwork of high quality and a certain class, which is what draws in shoppers and collectors from both near and far.

The Sunder Nagar Antique Market is not the average flea market, where crowds of people jostle for the chance to snag cheap deals. Only a certain kind of shopper is hitting these stores, and it is those with a qualified interest in arts, crafts and antiques. It can take a couple of hours to fully explore everything that the stalls and the stores have to offer, and visitors can take their time and think about which items from which store they want to purchase. Chances are it will be a big list, as there are many treasures to be found here.

After an initial walk through, it is worth noting which stores at the Sunder Nagar Antique Market are worth a more rigorous exploration. Ladakh Art Gallery has many charming tradition pieces on display, Bharany’s has some exquisite textiles for sale and Gallery 29 is a must-see. This store has the finest collection of Indian miniature paintings, pichwai paintings of Krishna cult, oil paintings, Ravi Verma prints, lithographs, art from the British Raj, jamawar shawls and so much more.

If you fully explore the Sunder Nagar Antique Market place, you will be so well versed in regional historical artifacts and crafts there will be no need to visit museums. It is definitely a collector’s paradise, and one that is hard to leave empty handed.

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