Târgul Vitan

The largest market in Bucharest with over 5,000 sellers and 30,000 visitors each Sunday

The Vitan Market (Târgul Vitan) is one of the largest markets in Bucharest and takes place on a weekly basis. So make sure you go there early enough to avoid the lunchtime busyness.

It is a fairly large market, with over 5,000 sellers and 30,000 visitors every week. The Târgul Vitan Market features a mix of vintage objects and antiquities and new products, and it is therefore advised to take a good look around; it may first seem like a regular market, as there is no specific division between the new and the vintage objects exhibitors.

But the Târgul Vitan Market provides an interesting selection of musical instruments, old jewellery, postcards and videotapes, home décor objects, silver cutlery, second hand photo and video cameras and many other things. One last piece of advice before hitting the road: bring good shoes and be ready to bargain! There’s also a small entry fee of 1€.

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    4 reviews

    1. A place full of questionable people, used cars for sale and all kind of imported and ‘original’ products.

    2. Car market and flee market. Not so clean but you can find many things here. There is an entrance fee.

    3. It’s a flea market. But there are mostly cheap Chinese products.

    4. Your regular automotive park. New and second hand cars, caravans, motorcycles, spare parts and a kind a bazar part. Nice to visit, you can get really good prices but the parking is nightmare

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