Temploux Flea Market

One of the largest flea market in Western Europe with 1,100 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors

The Temploux flea market, which is also a market for collectors, is a phenomenon in itself. The flea market takes place once a year in August at the center of the village of Temploux in Belgium. From Saturday 7 am, antiques dealers and collectors welcome flea market enthusiasts and antiques lovers on a 4 miles (6 km) long tour through the streets of Temploux. 

With 1,100 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors (in 2015), this market is one of the largest in Western Europe and runs nonstop from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. The atmosphere is joyful, different stalls offer something to eat and, at midnight, you can attend a fireworks display!

What makes Temploux Flea Market particularly attractive, compared to other “flea markets”, is that its organizers do not hold a cheap garage sale, but a real flea market where vendors only sell real antiques and vintage items.

All fake-antiques, retro-modern, exotic foreign objects and crafts, as well as modern furniture, garments or recent painting, are prohibited. Also, the Temploux flea market committee has set some strict rules regarding the availability of food stalls on site: only a dozen of them spread throughout the streets where the flea market is held, giving more room for flea market booths. This is probably one of the other reasons why Temploux has become, over time, one of the most awaited flea market events in the country and in Europe.

On Saturday, the fair is exclusively open for professional buyers and collectors. One can find everything and anything: antique dolls, comics, records, Dinky Toys, old books and documents, coins, stamps, postcards, pins, model, cameras, old brewery devices, posters and advertising material, enameled plates, Coca-Cola collectibles, nautical items, inkwells and pen, watches, coffee mills, piggy banks, toy soldiers, shells, medals and military memorabilia, board games, and gadgets of all kinds. Since few private buyers are present on the spot that day, the objects presented do not come really cheap. But there’s a good chance for seasoned flea market shoppers to find that rare missing piece for their collection.

On Saturday evening, collectors pack their belongings to make room for the antiques market that runs through the night.

Antiquing Tip Of The Day

The best way to ask for a discount is to say ‘Is that your best price?’ If it’s $1,200 and they come down to $1,000, then you know they’re willing to negotiate. I usually push a little bit more and say, ‘I’d be really happy if you gave it to me for $800,’ and they might meet you in the middle.

— Toma Clark Haines, founder of the Antiques Diva & Co.
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