The American Rust Company

The American Rust Company appreciates the value in so many antique, vintage, and just plain old rusty items ranging from Coca-Cola memorabilia and old gas pumps, to rusted out pick up trucks and cars, that others would disregard as junk

The American Rust Company appreciates the value in so many antique, vintage, and just plain old rusty items that others would disregard as junk. They are embedded in the past, and have a clear passion for anything that has been around for a few years – the longer the better. Whether the item is useful, functional, or simply aesthetically awesome, this is the team to rescue it and perhaps breathe a little bit of new life into it.

As well as the store, the American Rust Company also has additional inventory in its online directory that is definitely worth looking at. They also have numerous connections to private collectors, so if you are searching for a specific collectible they will know just who to call to source that for you. One-stop in this store could save countless weekends trawling around antique markets searching for that one coveted thing. It is a brilliant service and one that is kind of priceless for the most ardent collectors of American history.

Anyone who enjoys a little trip down memory lane will enjoy an afternoon spent at the American Rust Company. They have an extensive selection of Coca-Cola memorabilia, as well as many old gas pumps, rusted out pick up trucks and cars, old book boards, old farm equipment and so much more. They also offer a delivery service, so if the must-have item is a bit too big for a normal car, you still need not leave without it.

The American Rust Company is also a great business to keep in mind when having a clear-out. They are constantly searching for new items to add to their store, and are happy to travel around to appraise things and collect goods that are perfect for them to sell on. Of course, the rustier the better, so even though some may think that something is only good for the trash, it is always worth giving these guys a call!

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