The Market Beautiful

The Market Beautiful is one of the most well known and best attended markets in Colorado, featuring over 150 of the best vintage and trendy handmade artisans around, and drawing in a crowd of upwards of 50,000 people each time.

Formerly known as The Vintage Whites Market, the Market Beautiful is a real grass-roots starter. In 2000, it was a garage populated with just five regular vendors, taking place due to the organizers’ passion for all things vintage and finding a cheap way to share that passion. Now, The Market Beautiful is one of the most well known and best-attended vintage markets in Montana and Utah, featuring over 150 of the best vintage and trendy handmade artisans around, and has markets in five other states.

For those inspired by antiques and covet unique pieces to furnish their homes, The Market Beautiful is a brilliant place to shop for all those kinds of treasures, and to learn more about the world of antique hunting.

Be sure to mark The Market Beautiful’s events in calendars, as it is a rare annual event that is simply not to be missed. Each market draws in a crowd of upwards of 50,000 people, so there is certainly a fair share of competition around for the best pieces. The Market Beautiful attracts bonafide collectors alongside casual shoppers simply interested in attractive items for their homes, so there’s a great merging of all kinds of people who are enjoying the event. This creates a rather special and welcoming atmosphere and is one of the reasons for The Market Beautiful’s ongoing success.

Vendors selling at The Market Beautiful feature an impressive selection of items, including vintage clothing and jewelry, antique furnishings and household items, artwork, hand-craft, and so much more that it really is impossible to leave this event empty-handed.

Since The Market Beautiful just happens once a year, it is a great excuse to save up for a while, and then spend out when this event rolls around! There is plenty of entertainment and refreshments at the market, so it is a real joy to visit, for all the family.

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