The Giant Shepton Flea Market

The Giant Shepton Flea Market is an eclectic and lively event, with the reputation of being quite a nice fair to source vintage goods

If your tastes tend towards the everyday vintage items, rather than the more traditional and antiques – end of the spectrum, The Giant Shepton Flea Market will be right up your alley. Taking place six or seven times a year at the The Royal Bath and West Showground, The Giant Shepton Flea Market is an eclectic and lively event with plenty going on for young and old alike, which has the reputation of being quite a nice fair to source vintage goods.

The Giant Shepton Flea Market has been active on the British flea market scene since 2004, and it hosts today around 250 inside and outside stalls. It features various exhibitors many of which you won’t find on the high street, selling a plethora of items: From vintage furniture and clothing, to garden statuary, crafts, art, jewelry, books, toys, sweets, clothes, CD’s, music, gifts, lifestyle products, stationery, linens, quilts, kitchenware, militaria, 1960s and 1970s West German ceramics, advertising posters, sunglasses and handbags, vintage lamps, toys, costume jewellery, teapots, crockery, The Giant Shepton Flea Market truly has something for every vintage enthusiasts!

Last but not least, a licensed restaurant which serves lunch, cafe, food court and on-site banking facilities offering a wide range of services including cash withdrawal, participate to making a trip to The Giant Shepton Flea Market a great day out for all family members.

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4 reviews

  1. Always worth a visit, lots to see but not too big. Lovely day out.

  2. Shepton Flea Badly Organised Entry For Stall Holders

    Don’t bother pitching with the Shepton Flea, it is poorly ran. Why queue early and find the incompetent organisers let in people who turned up half an hour ago before you. More chaos than a car boot ran by schoolchildren

  3. Vast variety of stalls. Facilities loos, parking good. Indoor catering (both quality and service) was on this visit, most disappointing.

  4. Very large event over 4 main halls, too much to take in, You need all day and have some idea of the collectable you want. All tickets are a starting place do not pay the ticket price, it was swamped with Moorcroft (very expensive).

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