The Vintage Home Show Midlands

Three times a year, The Vintage Home Show Midlands gets packed with 60 exhibitors selling Mid-century & vintage furniture as well as lighting, artwork and ceramics from the 1950's-1970's

Throughout most of the year, the Vintage Home Show tours through England, putting on markets and fairs for antiques and collectable items at excellent, large venues in Manchester, Leeds, and Midlands. It takes a break through the winter months, but through spring, summer and autumn there is a show to look out for at least twice a month. Grab your diary, and make a note of the dates and locations of these shows, as you certainly do not want to miss them.

The Vintage Home Show have been creating their event celebrating all things kitsch for many years now, and with each year their reputation grows and their shows become all the more popular. Many visitors are collectors of course, searching for that all elusive, important piece to fulfill their needs. These shows are also very much focused on all aspects of interior design, so many people attending are designers or home owners seeking inspiration for projects or ideas for upcycling.

The dealers and traders that are sourced for the Vintage Home Show are all keen designers in their own right, with seemingly never ending ideas for ways to make use of and make beautiful a wide array of random items! There are pieces of furniture dating from mid-century up until the 70s, lighting fixtures, ceramics, textiles of all kinds, cushions, artwork, candelabras, ornaments, utensils for the kitchen, china ware, glass and so much more. Whatever you may have thought about as being an item to decorate your home, be sure that it is represented in some fashion at the Vintage Home Shows.

The traders and organizers of the Vintage Home Show are pools of knowledge on all aspects of interior design, and these events are a great chance to grab these professionals for a quick chat or to get much needed answers to design questions. It is impossible to leave these shows without fresh design ideas, and with empty hands!

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