Trödel an der Galopprennbahn

Trödel an der Galopprennbahn is a regular meeting place for Cologne’s flea market enthusiasts and seasoned antiques dealers

If Cologne is the most populous and popular city of North Rhine-Westphalia, it is not for nothing: the city seemingly offers endless attractions, led by its famous cathedral whose filigree twin spires dominate the skyline, and the vibrant arts and music scene which encapsulates the city’s lust for life.

And if the culture and excitement of Cologne takes its toll, locals and tourists can always take some time to go off the beaten path, by discovering one of the many flea markets the city harbors.

In Cologne, almost every district has its own flea market. However, the most notorious are the Trödel an der Kölner Galopprennbahn (Cologne Racecourse Flea Market) and the weekly Kölner Stadt Flohmarkt (Cologne City Flea Market).

The Trödel an der Kölner Galopprennbahn in Weidenpesch has been now for 20 years, a regular meeting place for Cologne’s flea market enthusiasts and seasoned antiques dealers. A Historical mood spreads among the ancient buildings that not only the flea market visitors seem to appreciate, but also TV production companies which enjoy to shoot there from times to times, scenes for feature films or flea market series.

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  1. Ein Besuch auf dem Trödelmarkt an der Kölner Pferderennbahn lohnt sich immer. Die schöne Lage und das vielfältige Trödelangebot versprechen einen schönen Vormittag im Kölner Norden.

    Wenngleich auch viel der angebotene Ware aus den Kisten der für mich nicht so interessanten 90er Jahre entstammen, lohnt sich ein Besuch durchaus. Die Leute sind meist freundlich und offen und lassen sich auf Verhandlungsgespräche ein.

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