US 12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale

Garnering press from The New York Times and Time Magazine, US 12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale is Michigan’s longest garage sale with over 180 miles of antiques

Bridging southern Michigan’s east and west shores, this scenic Great Lakes region sets a beautiful backdrop for the US 12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale. Preserved stagecoach stops and white-clapboard rail stations dot the trail that hosts hundreds of antique vendors. Here, seven communities spanning over 180 miles sell vintage collectibles.

The US 12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale has of course received press from The New York Times and Time Magazine. As Michigan’s longest garage sale, vintage enthusiasts have lots of ground to cover. Fortunately, there are three days to shop. The annual event is held every second weekend of August.

In terms of quality antiques and vintage, visitors can find Victorian and Arts and Crafts style furniture, crystal and glassware such as American Fostoria place settings, books, quilts, and garden statuary. Not only are the usual treasures for sale, but surprises can also sneak up on patrons. For example, one year a man bought a coffin in Union, Michigan. That’s right, a coffin. And the coffin was a steal at $35.

More common yard sale items are certainly a guarantee. Many individual residents will sell clothing, costume jewelry, board games and bikes. There are also independent craftsmen, however, who bring original glazed pottery and metal artwork.

Looking to sell? Merchants can rent booths for modest daily rates. So bring canopies, tables and chairs to take part in the highway yard sale.

Whether buyer or seller, participants traveling from out of state have many lodging options. There is a place to suit everyone, from historic inns and B&Bs to cabins and campgrounds. Book in advance as reservations can fill up.

Hundreds of miles present hundreds of opportunities. Thus the US 12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale draws antique and vintage treasure seekers from around the country.

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