Vancouver Flea Market and Antique Show

Discover retro gear and collectibles at Vancouver Flea Market's special antique shows. A prestigious vintage event in Vancouver that is not to be missed.

Vancouver Flea Market, also referred to as the Big Red Barn, has been around since 1983. It opens every weekend with a general flea market on Saturday and Sunday. Since 2002 the organisers decided to start hosting a special antique and collectible show two or three times a year.

Vancouver Flea Market and Antique Show is the largest covered market in the lower mainland. With an impressive 40,000 square feet of floor space, and 360 tables under one roof, it is hardly a surprise that this flea market receives an influx of over 4000 visitors every single weekend.

The owners don’t believe in ripping off their customers, therefore it costs just $2.50 to enter the premises of this antique and collectible show. Vancouver Flea Market and Antique Show has a thriving and exciting atmosphere, full of dealers showcasing their stock, and visitors who are eager to learn more about the items and purchase something that takes their fancy. Expect to find all kinds of unusual antiques and forgotten treasures, from collectibles and memorabilia to everyday household items, décor and furnishings.

Vancouver Flea Market has a relaxing cafeteria area where you can stop off for a cup of coffee or bite to eat to fuel you for the day. The market has been under new management since 2002 and the team are committed to promoting a friendly atmosphere with a real community feeling. The most important thing to the owners is forming long lasting relationships with clients, merchants and shoppers.

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