Retro Design & Antiques Fair

The Retro Design and Antiques Fair and the 21st Century Flea Market are a treasure trove for those searching for unique decorative pieces for their homes, or that elusive item for their collection

The Croatian Cultural Center in Vancouver is the hub of two antique markets, held almost every month through the year on select Sundays: the Retro Design & Antiques Fair and the 21st Century Flea Market. The former takes place just four times a year, the latter up to six times a year. Dates do vary, so it is advised to keep up to date with the organizers to ensure you can make it to at least one of them. Each event is a collector’s dream come true!

Those with a qualified interest in antiques should be sure to hit the Retro Design & Antiques Fair. This awesome market is all about vintage quality, and visitors can not help but take a walk down memory lane while browsing through the fantastic items for sale here. With so many vendors, collections always promise to be eclectic. Those searching for unique decorative pieces for their homes, or that elusive item for their collection will surely leave the premises satisfied. Vendors are welcoming, friendly and full of knowledge regarding their items, and antiques in general, so interesting conversations are also guaranteed here.

The large number of vendors at the Retro Design & Antiques Fair means there will be something to suit everyone’s taste and budgets. Visitors will find vintage and estate jewelry, pop culture classics, dolls and vintage toys, pottery and glass work, 50’s kitsch, painting and prints, antique books, advertising memorabilia and other Americana, lighting fixtures, linens and more.

On the other hand, Visitors to the 21st Century Flea Market will find a slightly broader range of items for sale, as different vendors are attracted to this event. With 175 different vendors offering everything from shabby chic to 50’s kitsch, collectibles and memorabilia, vinyl records, kitchen ware, tools, Christmas decor, china ware, tins and silverware, this popular European-style collectors market is a must-see. It is a great market for anyone beginning collections, or anyone who enjoys shopping!

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