Waterford Unique Antique Market

The Waterford Unique Antique Market is home to more than 60 independent traders, offering a fantastic selection of collectible items and antiques in a very well organized 10,000 square feet of space, to everyone that steps through the front doors

While cruising down North Milwaukee Street in Waterford, Wisconsin, keep your eyes peeled for the large sign announcing the Waterford Unique Antique Market. The store itself is set a little back from the road, with a huge parking lot out front that welcomes in keen shoppers and antiquing enthusiasts. It has been open for business since 2015 and has continually grown over its early years of trading. It is now a permanent home to more than 60 independent traders, offering a fantastic selection of collectible items to everyone that steps through the front doors.

The 10,000 square feet of space within the Waterford Unique Antique Market is very well organized. Shoppers need not think that they will need to rummage through dusty artifacts to make the most of their visit here and ensure they see everything. All the items are beautifully clean and displayed in such a way that you will not miss anything while strolling around here. So many different vendors means, of course, that there are many different characters under one roof here, and this is evident in the arrangement of the antiques throughout the store. It also means that there is no shortage of people around who are ready to have a chat about the goods for sale and offer up more information to anyone who is interested.

Vendors at the Waterford Unique Antique Market display a wide range of items. Shoppers will find wonderful antique furniture including shabby-chic and upcycled pieces, chests and storage boxes, sporting equipment, advertising memorabilia, porcelain items, kitchen equipment, holiday decorations, toys, and plenty more treat for collectors of all kinds. As well as the vintage and antique goods, there are also a number of handcrafts to browse through including handmade candles, local art, Amish chocolates, soaps, and everything in between!

As well as the permanent vendors in the store, Waterford Unique Antique Market also puts on regular flea markets, taking advantage of the space surrounding the store. Keep an eye on their website to be up to date with their events.

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    1. There’s always room to improve! ..lol

      Hello, this is the first time in years I’ve visited rubylane! The platform for antiques look the same, friendly people, service as well…enjoyed my visit, I shall return for a shopping vintage soon, thank you so much….Phyllis

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