West End Architectural Salvage

West End Architectural Salvage has an eye for excellent craftsmanship from the past and often partakes in a little renovation and creative re-purposing before offering these pieces up for sale

The goal of the team at West End Architectural Salvage is to insure that Des Moines residents have a wonderful collection of items salvaged from larger cities in the US and overseas to choose from when shopping for that special collectible vintage or antique item. Inventory for the store has been sourced from New York, Minneapolis, St. Louis, the UK, the Middle East, and various other places around the world. No place is off-limits, and no item is off the table!

Customers of West End Architectural Salvage come from both the area and much further afield. The owners are aware of this and take care to make sure that the experience shoppers have when visiting their store is something that will leave them planning a return trip! The staff is so helpful and full of information and expertise. West End Architectural Salvage has an eye for excellent craftsmanship from the past and often partakes in a little renovation before offering these pieces up for sale. They are therefore great people that have a chat with if restoration and renovation are areas of interest for you too.

With four floors to stroll through, West End Architectural Salvage certainly needs some time to look through properly. On one level is a cafe with a fantastic coffee bar, so there is always the chance to recharge before going back to the merchandise for another look around. Stained glass is available here, alongside furniture both large and small, jewelry, road signage, vintage advertising, glassware, porcelain pieces, rocking horses, and more.

Items in West End Architectural Salvage are organized by category throughout the four floors, so those searching for specific collectibles are able to head straight to the right section. However, you never know what you might find in this store, so strolling around is often the best approach to find those items that you never knew you needed.

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