Westerham Brocante (permanently closed)

Set in a 17th century historic building, the Westerham Brocante is the perfect antique market to attend when in the middle of redecoration, or when seeking out ideas to spruce up the home

The King’s Arms Hotel is a 17th century historic building, and therefore the perfect setting for the Westerham Brocante. This monthly vintage and antique market attracts vendors from all over the UK. Regardless of the temperamental English weather, stalls are set up both inside the King’s Arms Hotel and outside in the lovely grounds, and visitors come in their crowds come rain or shine. Collectors never know what they might find here, and casual shoppers are guaranteed a great day out!

The organizers of the Westerham Brocante are passionate about vintage goods and antiques, and personally select the vendors for each of their markets. They have a great eye and make sure that each month’s displays are full of new and exciting treasures. Local handcrafts such as pottery, carpentry, jewelry making, photography and painting are also supported and there are some wonderful creative talents to inspire visitors and answer any questions about decorative skills and interior design. Westerham Brocante is the perfect market to attend when in the middle of redecoration, or when seeking out ideas to spruce up the home.

The Westerham Brocante has around 50 vendors, and stalls offer an array of different items. There is antique furniture, vintage jewelry, clothing, toys, ornaments and knick-knacks, tools, gardening items, mirrors, cameras and a whole load more. Rummaging is encouraged, so it is the perfect place to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the old days!

The flea markets of France had and continue to have a big influence on the organizers of the Westerham Brocante, and one of their aims is to bring this little touch of French culture into England. They want to make this kind of market accessible to all, and hope to expand to other smaller towns in the UK. Proceeds from these markets support local charities too, which creates a strong community vibe and a kind atmosphere.

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