Where on Earth Did You Get That

With 15,000 square feet filled to the brim with antique and vintage treasures with prices to fit all budgets, Where on Earth Did You Get That is southern Alberta's largest antique mall

With 15,000 square feet filled with antique and vintage treasures, Where on Earth Did You Get That is southern Alberta’s largest antique mall. This is a family owned and operated business who take pride in both the range of goods they can offer from yester-year and the level of customer service they provide. Located just off of one of the main road in Calgary, this store is easy to find so there is no excuse not to stop by. You will be sure to become a regular shopper here in no time.

Where on Earth Did You Get That is one of those huge antique malls that houses many vendors under one roof. It means that as a shopper, you are treated to the same variety of items that you would typically find at an open air market, but with the convenience of never having to leave the same store. Shoppers also do not have to wait for the weekend, or that one weekend a month that the market may be operating, but can pop into this store any day of the week! It is the perfect place for those that love to pass some time in nostalgic thoughts of the past, while at the same time sourcing that perfect, unique item to add to the home.

The numerous dealers touting their wares at Where on Earth Did You Get That go on the hunt throughout Northern America to find the pieces that ensure visitors are taken on a historic adventure when shopping. From French Country elegance to vinyl records and pop culture, there is plenty here for collectors and casual shoppers alike, with prices to fit all budgets too.

Staff at Where on Earth Did You Get That clearly love the antique and vintage items in the store. They are incredibly helpful to visitors, and are full of knowledge about the goods for sale. They are one of the reasons that shoppers return to this store again and again.

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