Antique Center Slegers

Antique-Centre Slegers is one of the largest Antique centers in Europe, housing 60 dealers that supply antique dealers, auctioneers, antique stores, retails shops, and interior decorators worldwide with the most eclectic assembly of fine antiques

Antique Center Slegers is one of the largest antique warehouses in Europe. This fact alone puts it on the top of the list of stores that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. The warehouse spreads over 54,000 square feet and this vast space is full of antiques that run the gambit in terms of style, historical periods, and expense. Walking around the whole store will make a significant dent in one’s recommended 10,000 daily steps, so be sure to wear some comfortable shoes when visiting here!

It is impossible to miss the Antique Center Slegers when driving past. The massive, uniform grey wall can not be described as beautiful, but the sheer expanse of the building creates excited anticipation as to how much treasure must lay within. Stepping inside does not disappoint; the warehouse houses more than 60 individual dealers, who have each set up their own shop space. Each dealer has their own particular style, so when walking around the warehouse visitors can never be sure what lies around the next corner.

The different styles of antiques that can be found within the Antique Center Slegers include Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Napoleon III, Henri II, Willem III, Louis Philippe, Chippendale, Rustique, Baroque, Neo-Baroque, Lodewijk, Queen Anne, Bretonne, and more. This is enough the widen the eyes of both casual and serious collectors of such items. The kinds of items up for grabs here include furniture pieces of all shapes and sizes, lighting, clocks, statues, and other ornamental items, vases, tools, artwork, military memorabilia, and so much more.

As well as the impressive, seemingly never-ending collections of fantastic antiques for sale, the Antique Center Slegers also offers additional services. Antiquing aficionados can book an antique buying tour of Belgium, Holland, or France, which includes airport pickups, hotels, packing, and shipping of antiques bought. Collectors can of course also browse their goods online and their reputation for efficient and secure shipping is outstanding.

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