Maastricht Saturday Flea Market

With its offer ranging from high quality rare antiques to random knick-knacks, Maastricht Saturday flea market is an attractive market that appeals to both consummate collectors and casual window-shoppers.

The Netherlands is a country that loves its markets, and Maastricht is no exception to the rule. No wonder why it has become a city that tops the lists for flea market aficionados and bargain hunters alike!

Locally known as the city of markets, Maastricht hosts a different market almost every day of the week. From its main market which is surrounded by stately mansions and the imposing city hall, to the organic “Boeremerret Limburg” market that sells sustainable, local and handcrafted products, Maastricht provides an almost endless supply of fresh food products, wares, and of course, antique furniture.

Once a week, the Stationsstraat becomes the backdrop for the Maastricht Saturday flea market. Set close to the city center and easily accessible by foot or by tram, Maastricht Saturday flea market is a cross between a serious antique market and one offering curiosa. The nearby streets, which are already busy with traffic any other day of the week, becomes exceptionally crowded each Saturday for the flea market. Therefore, browsers need to come with patience and be ready to face the crowd!

Maastricht is a city rich in history and culture, and the Maastricht Saturday flea market reflects this. The flea market hosts a wonderful mix of professional antique dealers and first-time sellers trying out their skills, among its stallholders. This is why the Maastricht Saturday flea market is such an attractive market for both consummate collectors and casual window-shoppers. The atmosphere is hectic but friendly, and there is truly something for everyone.

The goods on offer at the Maastricht Saturday flea market vary widely from high-quality rare antiques to random knick-knacks obviously brought out from people’s home during a house clear-out. There are many old books (a majority in Dutch though some English copies can be found), glassware, gramophone records, antique pottery, vintage photographs and cameras, bespoke vintage furniture and household fittings, crockery, silverware, old coins, and countless random oddities to be found.

There are many cafes in the streets surrounding Stationstraat, so when a break is needed from the crowds at the Maastricht Saturday flea market, refreshment is never too far away. This market is held year-round and still manages to draw in the crowds each week, which shows that Maastricht is definitely worth a visit and its flea market will not disappoint.

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    1. Looking for a couple that have older hand puppets for sale .., purchase 2 today and would like to purchase the whole lot… Large man big beard…. stand on the outside edge
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