Catharina Market

A feature of Eindhoven for many a decade, Catharina Market is a great place for shopping, whether you are searching for a unique souvenir or a quirky piece for the home

Since 2016, Catharinaplein in Eindhoven has been the weekly setting for the Catharina Market. This flea market has been a feature of this city for many a decade, and Catharinaplein is simply its most recent location. The impressive church is certainly the focal point of the square, and a tourist attraction in its own right. Based on 13th-century French Gothic churches, St. Catherine’s Church provides a wonderful backdrop for the setting of this flea market.

This area of Eindhoven is a popular one. And Catharina Market drives even more people there, and creates a bustling atmosphere. It is a great place for shopping, whether you are searching for a unique souvenir or a quirky piece for the home.

Catharina Market is on the smaller side, with up to 20 regular vendors selling their wares at this spot. Vendors clearly enjoy market life, and strike up conversation with passing browsers, trying to tout their wares. Ambitions are to increase the size of this flea market, though as it stands it is a very relaxed, welcoming, and well supported affair. Many of the shoppers will browse the stalls every week, so vendors make an effort to ensure that their merchandise is rotated and there is always something fresh for visitors to see.

Creative talent is showcased at the Catharina Market. There are vendors with particular artistic flair when it comes to jewelry creation or upcycling of goods. Those who desire one of a kind decorative items, or conversation starters in their home will be spoiled for choice here. As well as the crafty stalls, there is artwork for sale, antiques and curiosities, minerals, vintage clothing, books, vinyl records, toys and much more.

Live music is often present at the Catharina Market for the enjoyment of visitors. Anyone seeking refreshment will be spoiled for choice too, with many restaurants in the area, as well as the additional stands offering treats at the flea market. All in all, a visit here makes for the perfect relaxing shopping trip.

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