Antique Central Show & Sale

The Antique Central Show & Sale is one of Calgary's most loved vintage markets, bringing the community together twice a year by embracing and celebrating the nostalgia that comes with exploring much-loved treasures from the past

The Antique Central Show & Sale is one of Calgary’s most loved vintage markets. It takes place just twice during the year; over a weekend at the beginning of summer in June and then again on the cusp of the winter season in November and due to this rarity it is always a highly anticipated event. This vintage market brings the community together by embracing and celebrating the nostalgia that comes with exploring much-loved treasures from the past.

The Antique Central Show & Sale was the dream child of one lady with a lifelong passion for antiques and antique hunting. The ethos of these shows is that these items are more than just ‘things’ – they are vehicles that transport people to a different era. Antiques tend to provoke an emotional response and when faced with them people will usually start reminiscing and telling stories of their own that revolve around these tokens of the past. It is the stories and the feelings that drive these special markets and this is why they quickly garnered crowds of loyal shoppers and collectors!

Another impressive aspect of the Antique Central Show & Sale is the range of goods found here. This is really thanks to the care taken when booking the vendors for these markets and the organizers prove time and again that they have great skills in curating varied and exciting stalls. Jewelry collections are up for sale, alongside rare toys, historical pins, model planes, chinaware, glassware, cutlery collections, vintage books, typewriters, ornamental items, religious pieces, and much more.

Luckily, the Antique Central Show & Sale takes place over a weekend. If visitors feel they did not manage to rummage through everything, there is a second day available for further treasure hunting! It is easy to see why keen collectors always have the dates for this market logged in the diary, and return to visit each time it comes around.

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