Iron Crow Antiques

Anyone with a creative eye can not fail to be inspired in Iron Crow Antiques, one of the first specialty antique and vintage furniture stores in Calgary, with a collection of antique items ranging from Western and Native American, to oil and gas, Bric-a-Brac, religious artifacts and furniture

Before Iron Crow Antiques came along, Calgary was a little void of speciality antique and vintage furniture stores. Since 2014, this store has been open for business to cater to those individuals who are searching for that rare but useful item to fill a gap in a particular space, whether that be in the home, at a workspace or perhaps even props for set design. Anyone with a creative eye can not fail to be inspired in this store, and collectors will also be delighted with the items on offer here.

The owners of Iron Crow Antiques are without a doubt passionate about the pieces they keep, and also care deeply about a customer’s experience both in their store and with their goods. They love to help in finding that perfect item for every visitor, and want shoppers to leave their store having had a memorable experience and therefore likely to return! They manage to fill more than 9000 square feet of space with unique and sought after pieces and ensure that it is very hard to leave empty-handed.

Iron Crow Antiques break down their collection into five main areas; oil and gas, Western and Native American, Bric-a-Brac, religious artifacts, and furniture. Within these categories, there is just about everything that a collector would hope to find and plenty of things to charm a lay-person besides. Visitors will see Navajo rugs, oil pumps, automobile manuals, militaria, toys, church architecture, grandfather clocks, and every other piece of furniture that you may want for your home.

Though the collection at Iron Crow Antiques is certainly large, staff work hard to ensure that it remains fresh. Stock is constantly and regularly rotated so no matter how often you may stop by, there will always be something new to look at. It can be tempting to design your whole house with the pieces on sale in this store, as it is tricky indeed to choose just one or two items from this treasure trove.

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