The antique dealers of Rue Haute and Rue Blaes

Located in the historic Marolles district, Rue Hautes and the parallel Rue Blaes are teeming with second hand shops and antique dealers.

The antiques and vintage hotspot of Rue Haute and Rue Blaes is situated in the Marolles district of old Brussels. The area was originally named after the nuns that lived there centuries ago – and locals today are still known as ‘Marolliens’. It’s a perfect place to browse, and maybe visit the famous Place du Jeu de Balle flea market.

Today the streets of Rue Haute and Rue Blaes are lined with an eclectic selection of quirky shops, both new and antique. ‘Haute Antiques’ on Rue Haute is one of the largest, with 25 dealers spread across 2500 m² of space. They sell a range of wares; furniture, paintings, lighting and collectibles. And in case you’re tempted to buy something large – they also ship worldwide. Also on Rue Haute, ‘Melting Pot Kilo’ is a vintage clothing store with a twist – they sell clothing by the kilo! Sort through the wide selection of clothing and you can really grab yourself a bargain.

Over on Rue Blaes, ‘Via Antica’ boasts 2000 m² of stalls, with over 30 exhibitors spread across three floors. Dealers sell beautiful furniture, lighting and mirrors, as well as paintings and sculptures. ‘Marie-Cecile François’ specialises in Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The ‘ABAC’ bookshop is the place for rare second-hand books. Not to be forgotten, just off Rue Blaes is the famous Place du Jeu de Balle daily flea market. This is a true flea market, so don’t expect wall to wall antiques – but get there early for the best finds.

And if after all this you’re not satiated, do not miss your chance for pay a visit to Stef Antiek. Located at the Kapellemarkt (Napoleon’s old stables), at the end of the rue Blaes, this second-hand store showcases 950m² of antiques, vintage, original lightning, art-deco items, old building materials and so much more. A paradise for antiques lovers, Stef Antiek features tens of thousands of merchandises literally piled-up to the roof or hanging from the roof.

Feeling peckish after all that browsing? Rue Haute and the surrounding streets boast a wide selection of cafes and restaurants; serving both Belgian and international food. Among the more unusual, ‘Jaffa’ on Rue Haute specialises in Lebanese and Palestinian cuisine, while ‘The Judgy Vegan’ (on nearby Rue Capucins) is a popular spot for meat free snacks and brunches. Over on Rue Blaes ‘Café La Broccante’ also serves up live music.

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