Antique shops in Gamla Stan

With its narrow alleyways, cobble stone streets and fascinating old buildings, Gamla Stan is one of the most beautiful areas of Stockholm, and a true haven for those with a passion for antiques, and collectors of all kinds

With its narrow alleyways, cobble stone streets and fascinating old buildings, Gamla Stan (“the Old Town”) is one of the most beautiful districts of Stockholm. Not only it is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe, but this is also where Stockholm was founded back in 1252. No wonder why walking through Gamla Stan feels like stepping back in time!

It seems that not a lot has changed in this area over the centuries. And fittingly there are quite some interesting items (that were no doubt furnishing the buildings as some point in the past) to be found in some of the few antique stores located in this area.

Those with a passion for antiques, and collectors of all kinds, are going to have a field day in Gamla Stan. One of the best loved antique stores, Brinken, has a perfect location right next to the Royal Palace, and showcases a superbly curated collection of antiques including furniture, ornaments, clocks, cameras and more. Other stores feature wonderfully carved wooden children’s toys, crystal figures, Darlana Horses, works of art and more. Affären is probably the best store in Stockholm for antique lights and even those with no specific interest in these items will be sure to find something to fit in their home.

Though it is tempting, try to resist buying the first thing that you fall in love with in the antique stores of Gamla Stan. Some prices are inflated since this district is very popular among tourists, so it is worth shopping around to find the best deals.

As well as the antique stores in Gamla Stan, this area of the old town also hosts small artisan shops and stores specializing in local handcrafts, ceramics, glassware and textiles, all produced locally, as well as shops featuring unique furniture, homeware and jewelry collections. The street of Västerlånggatan in particular is a wonderful stop for tourists searching for an authentic and tasteful souvenir. All in all, Gamla Stan truly is the place to indulge in local treats.

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