Antique shops in Södermalm

Located on the southernmost part of Stockholm, sprawling Södermalm island has a relaxed, creative vibe, with artsy shops, eclectic cafes and antique & vintage stores

Located on the southernmost part of Stockholm, the sprawling Södermalm island has a relaxed, creative vibe, with artsy shops, eclectic cafes and antique & vintage stores.

Having its roots as the working-class part of the city, Södermalm is now growing and developing into a rather trendy area, becoming a fast favorite of Stockholm’s creative elite. The further south on the island you go, the trendier things get. Shoppers are drawn to this area to explore the wonderful second hand stores and independent boutiques, making Södermalm a favorite shopping spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Hornsgatan is a busy street cutting across the northern part of Södermalm. There are some excellent vintage emporiums hidden here among the mazes of kebab shops and interior design studios. Antiquing appears to be growing here, and interior design shops commonly display some stunning antiques that collectors would be pleased to find. Vintage furnishings in the stores here need to be seen to be believed, and those searching for a unique item for their homes will have a hard time making up their mind to pick just one treasure here.

In addition to the many vintage shops on Hornsgatan, the district of Södermalm is also home to classic antique stores. Antique enthusiasts with a particular interest in antique rugs are going to feel like a kid in a candy shop when they pop by Inredning-Antikt och Klassiskt. Svenska Armaturer on Svandammsvägen, specializes in antique and vintage lighting, and has nothing to envy some of Gamla Stan‘s antique shops with its collection. There are stores with incredible jewelry collections, watches, general vintage accessorize, ceramics, ornaments, clothing and so much more. It may take a little more exploring to find the real gems here, but what better way to spend the day?

As with all the districts in Stockholm, Södermalm has some great bars, restaurants and cafes to provide much needed refreshment as you spend the day uncovering treasures from yesteryear. There are some real bargains to be had, and a surprising amount of collectables to be found.

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