Antique shops in Östermalm

Often drawing comparisons to New York's Upper East Side, Östermalm is one of the most elegant and exclusive part of Stockholm, hosting a large selection of antique shops and the best antique auction houses in the city

Östermalm is considered to be the most elegant and exclusive part of Stockholm, and often draws comparisons to New York’s Upper East Side. The buildings here are incredibly impressive, and the streets are home to some of Stockholm’s high end designers and expensive retailers. Perfectly at home among these neighbors are luxury boutiques, antique stores and interior design studios, bringing antiquing into the center of this chic area.

As well as a large selection of antique shops, Östermalm is also home to two of the best antique auction houses in Stockholm. Stockholm Auction House and Bukowskis should be on the top of the list of places to visit for anyone searching for something truly unusual, valuable or specific. Serious collectors are going to be spoiled here, and many of the pieces up for grabs will not be found anywhere else.

The area of Östermalm is organized in such a way to easily facilitate your shopping experience. Sibyllegatan, Linnegatan, Kommendorsgatan, and Nybrogatan (Östermalm’s four main shopping streets) form a square, and the range of shops found within this area have all needs covered. Some of the most famous antique stores in Östermalm include names like Sjöström antiques, Rehns Antikhandel, JP Willborg, L Edelstam, and Ostindiska Kompaniet. 

Store owners in Östermalm are obviously skilled curators, and incredibly passionate about their selections. There are fantastic collections of antique furniture, lighting fixtures, antique painting, glassware, ceramics and a range of other items that are just perfect for anyone seeking interior design inspiration. Which ever store you visit, be sure to have a chat with the staff or owners within, as what they do not know about their pieces on display is not worth knowing.

As well as the stores focused on interior design, Östermalm also has selections of antique rugs, fantastic works of art, antiques from overseas especially the Orient, porcelain and so much more. If you are on a budget, be prepared for it to be blown after going into these stores. The pieces are irresistible to anyone with an interest in antiques, and you will not regret a visit here.

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