Antique Street / Hollywood Road

The rich history of Antique Street / Hollywood Road makes it the perfect location to shop for the best collection of antique stores and stalls in the area.

Hollywood Road was one of the first roads to be built in Hong Kong in 1844, and the rich history of this area makes it the perfect location for the best collection of antique shops and stalls in the area. Prior to development and expansion of the territory, Hollywood Road was situated on the coast and was therefore the place where foreign merchants and sailors would sell their wares collected from China. It is now an essential stop-off for serious antique collectors, tourists searching for souvenirs, and anyone looking to enjoy a cultural stroll and some window shopping.

A walk up Antique Street / Hollywood Road is much more akin to visiting a sprawling museum than it is a typical shopping street. It is just that in this museum, all the exhibited pieces have price tags and can be brought home! Antique Street / Hollywood Road, which runs parallel to Cat Street / Upper Lascar Row, is also recognized as the most contemporary art district in Hong Kong and there are some incredible galleries interspersed among the stores.

The shops stretch from the Central District Police Station to the Man Mo Temple, at a slight incline that means exploration of the area will be enjoyed most in comfortable shoes. Items for sale include Buddha statues, Mao memorabilia, Ming furniture, jade, Chinese porcelain goods, paintings and carpets. Collectors of antiques from this part of the world will be spoiled for choice! There is also an awesome selection of souvenir shops where things are obviously cheaper to buy, but more interesting than items on offer in the more populated shopping streets. Antique Street / Hollywood Road is the perfect place to take a break from the designer stores and general hustle-bustle of busier areas.

Bargaining for antiques on Antique Street / Hollywood Road is expected and welcomed, and when it all becomes a bit exhausting it is easy to find Quinary, a famous cocktail bar, for some delicious refreshment. All in all, this street offers something for everyone and is certainly not to be missed.

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