Antique World and Flea Market

Open almost every day of the week, Antique World and Flea Market is a celebration of all things used, and a hub for vintage and flea shopping in New York

One of the largest antique centers in western New York, Antique World and Flea Market is a one-stop-shop for all vintage and antique enthusiasts. The antique store is open almost every day, hosts a fantastic flea market every weekend, and through the finer months of the year Antique World and Flea Market is home to a twice monthly Great American Garage Sale. This spot is truly a celebration of all things used, and is the hub for vintage and flea shopping in the state.

Founded by Kelly Schultz back in 1981, Antique World and Flea Market is in no need of further expertise. With more than 45 year of experience in the business, this store and the surrounding market have been thriving ever since. Antique World and Flea Market is somewhat of a family business these days, and this venue is widely known as the place to come for knowledge and information about antiques of any kind.

Over the weekends, the flea market area of Antique World and Flea Market attracts hundreds of vendors and is crammed with a wide range of goods ranging from further antique and vintage finds to general second hands wares from an emptied-out house or garage. Sundays are known to be the best days of the week, as the flea market opens earlier and shoppers are advised to take advantage of this for the best chance of securing bargains.

The Great American Garage Sales held through summer and autumn at Antique World and Flea Market, welcome and involve the whole community. These events feature almost unlimited spaces, and vendors are encouraged to simply arrive early, pull up and find a parking place. These sales are talked about both locally and further afield, and are fantastic events to be part of as a vendor or a shopper.

Through both the store and the markets at Antique World and Flea Markets there is sure to be something for everyone. From the gems found in the $1 bins to the more pricey pieces, every price range and taste is catered for.

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