Prudhommes Antique Flea Market

Prudhommes Antique Flea Market is located in a beautiful part of Canada right by Lake Ontario. Find unique treasures and knick knacks in one of the 3 buildings, and the vast selection of stalls outside.

Spend hours exploring this antique market and all of the enticing antiques and retro collectibles that can be found within their 3 buildings, 12 cabins, and outside vendors (when the weather allows). Prudhommes Antique Flea Market has a great selection of quality homeware items, grand furniture and conversation pieces at Prudhommes Antique Flea Market.

The summer months are normally busier, as there is lots of space outside for stalls to be set up. For a bigger selection of vintage products and antique delights, it is often recommended to visit Prudhommes Antique Flea Market in the months of July and August. Prices of the items vary depending on the vendor, however most merchants are more than happy to negotiate prices with customers.

Prudhommes Antique Flea Market is open 4 days a week, and also opens on holiday Mondays. Parking is free and there is ample space. Also, it is generally suggested to empty stuff out of your car or van beforehand, so that you can fill it up with all of your exciting new purchases.

You can easily spend quite a few hours just exploring just the 3 buildings, let alone the cabins and stalls located outside. The antiques and vintage products range from higher end to lower end, there is a real mish mash of goodies up for sale.

Browse costume jewellery, silverare, glassware, fabric, Canadian memorabilia, ceramics, perfume and liqour bottles, vintage postcards, collectibles and furniture. Visitors rarely leave this market empty handed!

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