Antiques Capital USA

An antique lover's dream come true, Antiques Capital USA hosts over 5000 antique dealers, all year round residents, making it the perfect place be become immersed in all things old, vintage and collectable.

Antiques Capital USA is literally an antique lover’s dream come true. It is an entire (albeit small) town dedicated to antique stores, flea markets and all things vintage. No need to worry about which days a market may be opening, or to wait for specific seasons during the year. This town has more than 5000 antique dealers, all year round residents, making it the perfect place be become immersed in all things old and collectable.

Considered by many to be one of the best places in the US for collectables and antiques, Antiques Capital USA is easy to find, located along route PA-272. It is in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, a beautifully scenic area and the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway. This antiques hot spot is really making a name for itself, both locally and further afield. Collectors of all kinds should make sure to get to this area at least once; a town full of antique stores is definitely worth the pilgrimage.

Antiques Capital USA runs the gambit of the antique and vintage world. Antique markets take place regularly, flea markets feature, there are specialized dealer events, showcases and of course, plenty of stores and malls. Events are both indoor and outdoor, spread throughout the year meaning that any time is the perfect time to visit.

However, particularly of note is the Antique Extravaganza, taking place just three times annually in the spring and autumn. During these times, the town explodes with antique festivities. Stores are open longer, markets are more frequent and bargaining is par for the course. The whole ambience surrounding these special times is welcoming and wonderful, and every visitor is guaranteed to find that special item they have long been searching for.

Of course, there are more than enough delicious restaurants and cafes dotted strategically throughout Antiques Capital USA. Refreshment is always close at hand, meaning that shopping can long continue. Adamstown is the perfect place to indulge in all things vintage and shop to your heart’s content.

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