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Housing more than 350 dealers spread over three levels in a vast 2,000 square meters exhibition space, Antiques Marketplace boasts to be Central New England's largest antiques and collectibles mall

Spread over three levels and more than 2,000 square meters, Antiques Marketplace boasts to be Central New England’s largest antiques and collectibles mall. There are more than 350 dealers spread over three levels in the vast space, with plenty of parking in a free parking lot making it really easy to drop by. Every single person working at the Antiques Marketplace is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and makes visitors feel incredibly welcome, and pleased to have visited.

It can be all too common a market-browser’s experience to be faced with piles of disordered goods that are hard to discern from junk, and the whole second-hand shopping experience can be a bit overwhelming. None of this is the case at Antiques Marketplace. Each individual dealer displays their antiques beautifully, and each of the three levels is easy to navigate. There is no point planning just a quick visit here though, as there are amazing items on every stall, and it is hard to leave without having a look at everything!

There is plenty of variety among the stalls at Antiques Marketplace. Whether searching for a very specific something, or casually ‘window shopping’, there is enough here to entertain everyone. There are many furniture pieces, kitchen and other household objects, old maps, clothing and glass cabinets brimming with vintage jewelry, coins, silver, comic books, toys, crockery, antique books and other memorabilia. It is obvious that stall holders have taken time and care to curate their collections – there are no junk shops or piles of random items in sight!

Even though Antiques Marketplace is open almost every day, the staff take care to ensure that collections are changed and re-vamped often, so even regular customers are guaranteed to see new items on offer at almost every visit. Antiques Marketplace is a fantastic place to get great deals on amazing pieces.

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