Austin Antique Mall

Dubbed Austin's largest selection of antique and vintage furniture, the Austin Antique Mall and its 100 vendors have been providing a unique shopping experience in Central Texas since 1984

Dubbed “Austin’s largest selection of antique and vintage furniture”, the Austin Antique Mall has been providing quite a unique shopping experience in Central Texas since 1984.

Open 7 days a week, the 30,000 square feet mall is always there for anyone craving that one special piece for their collection, or perhaps simply interested in some items from history. Whatever it is possible to collect, it can be found represented here in some way, and with more than 100 dealers there is sure to be something for everyone.

For those local to the Austin Antique Mall, it is the place to pop in to whenever there is time to spare. It has also become a place on the map for antique enthusiasts with a more qualified interest in antiques and vintage collections. Vendors here are well chosen to provide variety, and though it is open every day they still manage to regularly spruce up their wares and ensure that regular shoppers always have something new to see. Those seeking specific items should not be shy to strike up conversation with stallholders, as you never know what else they may have.

Austin Antique Mall is like everything in Texas – supersized! It is organized into vendor stalls and their areas, and some of the walkways require a bit of squeezing to get through. There are so many goods crammed into this massive space: mid century and collectibles, military memorabilia, toys, clothing, jewelry, cups, stamps, china, artwork, furniture small and large, silverware, cutlery, candlesticks, clocks, lamps, cameras, comics – truly anything you can name can be found here!

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they might just pop into Austin Antique Mall for a quick browse, which is quite impossible. The place needs at least a day to fully explore, if not a full weekend! The items for sale are so enchanting all visitors will get distracted and lose time here. And a trip to the Austin Antique Mall is time well spent indeed.

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