Ballinderry Antiques

Northern Ireland's largest antiques and fine furniture shop, Ballinderry Antiques has a maze-like feeling, though in the most exciting way as you never know what fantastic treasures lie in the next room or around the next corner

Ballinderry Antiques is probably Northern Ireland’s largest antiques and fine furniture shop. The antiques here are spread over three huge floors and on each floor, the collections are organized and sorted into different rooms. It can feel a little maze-like, though in the most exciting way as you never know what fantastic treasures lie in the next room or around the next corner! This store supplies antiques to Northern Ireland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.

The owner of Ballinderry Antiques, Donald McCluskey, is no stranger to the world of vintage and antique treasures. He previously owned other successful antique stores and all in all has been in the business for more than 30 years. There is very little that he and his staff do not know about antiques, especially those that are in stock in his store, and there are also very few collectible pieces that he can not source. Ardent collectors should definitely strike up a conversation with the staff of this store, as you never know what you might find out, or indeed what you might find in the store itself!

The website for Ballinderry Antiques is very helpful and interactive. Visitors can take a virtual tour of every room in the store and if they happen to spot pieces of interest they can contact the store immediately to find out more or reserve the item. However, there is nothing quite like visiting in person and seeing all the wonderful antique and vintage items before your very eyes. This store has an amazing selection of antique jewelry, candlesticks, mahogany and oak furniture, vases, rugs, artwork, glass, metalware, mirrors, and too much more to list! It is a selection that has to be seen to be believed.

As well as selling their fantastic items, Ballinderry Antiques also has a hiring service. Whether antiques are needed to dress a stage, a movie set, or a wedding venue, this store can do the job.

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