Broadway Antique Market Chicago (BAM)

Browse 75 high-quality antique traders spread out over 20,000 square feet. The Broadway Antique Market stands for quality not quantity.

The Broadway Antique Market is a multi-award winning treasure trove for antique enthusiasts in the Chicago area. What started off as a dozen antique dealers has flourished into the midwest’s premiere vintage shopping destination. This market is full to the brim with art deco and mid-century modern furnishings and trinkets and jewels from the 1960’s – 1980’s.

Spread out over two floors measuring at 20,000 square feet, the Broadway Antique Market is home to 75 high-quality professional dealers. Most antique flea markets are rather shabby and weathered, full of quirky knick knacks and also quite a lot of junk! This vintage wonderland is a different story, everything is pristine, polished and oh so glamorous. The products on offer are of the highest quality, and even the toilets are retro and chic. Items aren’t carelessly piled one on top of each other here, they are displayed properly so that customers can really see everything that is on offer.

The likes of Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks, as well as many other celebrities have graced the walls of the Broadway Antique Market in Chicago. In 2014 this opulent antique fair was voted “Chicago’s #1 Shopping Destination” in Geo & Modadori’s Top 10 International Travel Guide.

Some people have complained that the items are a little overpriced, however people should understand that this place isn’t a cheap thrift shop. If you are after good-quality, genuine and stunning antiques, then you will surely find them at the Broadway Antique Market.

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