Brocante de Beaucaire

Lively and friendly, the Brocante de Beaucaire brings the town to life and is a favorite among locals and the odd lucky tourist looking for the odd charming antique or sought-after collectable

The port town of Beaucaire grew historically on account of the large market held in the town center. Though this traditional market died out hundreds of years ago, the Brocante de Beaucaire is now held weekly in the park, honoring the spot where traders made a living so many years ago. Lively and friendly, this typical French brocante brings the town to life and is a favorite among locals and the odd lucky tourist passing through.

As with all the best flea markets, the Brocante de Beaucaire has a wide range of items, many of which shoppers will not know they need until they see them! Some of the vendors are private individuals, who scour their houses for unwanted items to sell, though many more have an obvious interest in collecting themselves and have taken the time to shop for and select the goods on their tables. That’s what makes this flea market so great; there is the odd charming antique or sought-after collectable to be found among the curios.

Visitors can never be sure what they might find at the Brocante de Beaucaire. As well as a antiques there are clothing collections, household items from door knobs to ornaments, vintage toys, antique books, pottery, furniture, crockery, paintings, rugs and carpets and a whole lot more. Though it is in play every week, there are always new and intriguing items to search through and the vendors never loose enthusiasm for their trade. It is a great place to engage in friendly banter with the local people, and practise your bargaining skills.

The Brocante de Beaucaire opens its doors pretty early in the morning, and those that hit the stalls first obviously stand the best chance at finding the collectable items and potentially rarer pieces. This market is only open for the morning, so early arrival is advised to be sure of some shopping time. If it is not a busy day, vendors will head home sooner too.

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