Brocante Place Saint-Denis

La Brocante Place Saint-Denis is a tiny flea market to try your latest haggling techniques

Once a week, the tiny flea market hosted on the Place St Denis (Forest District) reveals its treasures. From knick-knack, junk, old appliances and second hand furniture, the flea market on the Place St Denis (St Denis Square), is the place to try your latest haggling techniques.

Private sellers regularly gather on the square to get rid off their old stuff, which often turns out to be little wonders, only the most resourceful buyers will be able to get at unbeatable prices.

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  1. Brocante où on trouve vraiment tout. Tous les dimanches matin. Les prix sont plus que raisonnables. Les vendeurs ne connaissent pas toujours, la vraie valeur des choses, ce qui aide vraiment à faire des affaires!

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