Brugge Zandfeesten

One of Flanders’ largest antiques and second-hand market. Only three times a year

Travelers who wish to go shopping in Brugge for something other than chocolates, should be aware that the city plays host to a true flea market extravaganza three times a year: The “Zandfeesten”.

Considered one of Flanders’ largest antiques and second-hand market, the Zandfeesten attracts hundreds of vendors, and thousand of bargain-hunters from far and wide. The overall venue spreads over a couple of miles, from Het Zand, to Beursplein and the adjacent Koning Albertpark.

The Dutch/Flemish name Zandfeesten stands for Sand (Zand) and Festival (Feesten) and takes its name from Het Zand square, the square in the vicinity of the central railway station. The flea market makes Brugge a shopping destination like no other, but exclusively for those three days a year.

Keep in mind that, if you want to grab a bargain or two, you’d better set your alarm clock early, as the Zandfeesten attracts droves of visitors. Walk the entire length of the fair and you will have clocked five kilometres without even noticing.

Antiquing Tip Of The Day

Successful flea marketers rely on instinct. If you’re considering a particular item for purchase, keep your hand on the goods. This signals to the dealer and other potential buyers that you spotted it first.

— Kimberley Seldon, founder of Style At Home
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