Dijver flea market

Bruges' Dijver flea market is one of the most popular and picturesque antique market in West Flanders, featuring dozens of booths mostly selling antiques and vintage merchandises

Belgians have a long-standing passion for antique fairs and flea markets. Flea markets like Place du Jeu de Balle, Tongeren, Waterloo, Temploux, or Ciney Puces regularly attract visitors by the thousands around the country. And the city of Bruges is not the last place in the country to hold well attended antique markets.

In fact, travelers who wish to go shopping in Bruges for something other than chocolates, should be aware that besides playing host to the Brugge Zandfeesten – a flea market extravaganza held three times a year – the capital of West Flanders is also home to one of the most popular and picturesque antique market: the Dijver flea market.

Hosted in an idyllic setting, the Dijver flea market is a weekly event filled to the brim with vendors and shoppers. Spread out along the gorgeous Dijver canal, stalls are also found in Koning Albertpark and Beursplein, the square in the vicinity of the central railway station. The central position of the Dijver flea market makes it very easy to find – in fact it is rather hard to miss if visiting Bruge over a weekend!

Such is the popularity of the Dijver flea market that keen shoppers are really advised to set an early alarm and make sure to be there as soon as vendors are open for business for the best buys and for the first look at some of the fabulous collectables. The Dijver flea market is a ‘folkloric market’, which means that vendors are only permitted to sell secondhand goods that are older than 50 years. Exceptions are made for hand made goods if the craftsman is a recognized artist.

The kind of items for sale at the Dijver flea market include antique paintings, vintage books, silverware, vintage furniture, second-hand clothes, dolls, figurines, ceramic works, crockery, glassware, household ornaments, small furnishings and all kinds of bric-a-brac from days past.

There are plenty of opportunities for snacks and refreshments when walking through the Dijver flea market, and no lack of entertainment either, with sometimes live music and other events taking place. All in all, Dijver flea market is a brilliant place to hang out on the weekend.

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