Paul de Grande Antiques

Located in the Castle of Snellegem between Bruges and Ostend, Paul de Grande Antiques is home to an exceptional collection of more than 10,000 antiques and collectibles painstakingly curated over the years by Paul de Grande himself

On the approach to Paul de Grande Antiques, you would be forgiven for thinking that you are entering a large private estate of Belgian aristocracy. The building is in fact the Castle of Snellegem, originally built in the 1870s. It was bought by Paul de Grande in the 1960s with the intent to operate his long-standing antique trading business from the impressive premises. The grounds and the castle are well worth seeing in their own right. Stepping inside feels as though one is entering a private residence and being given a lucky glimpse at the incredible antiques housed within.

Paul de Grande Antiques is located near the rustic village of Jabbeke, between Bruges and Ostend in Belgium. The building is home to more than 10,000 antiques and collectibles dating from the 15th Century to the 19th Century, and the entire collection has been painstakingly curated over the years by the owner. With a passion for antiques that started as a teenager, by now there is little that de Grande does not know. His reputation as an exceptional dealer is well established. The fact that he continues to take regular trips throughout Europe to ensure he always stocks the most interesting items means any time is a good time to check out his collection.

There is always a wide range of antiques on display at Paul de Grande Antiques. Beautiful bronze sculptures can be found, as well as antique clocks, Renaissance furniture, Neoclassicism furniture (Georgian, Louis XVI style, Empire, Regency), pieces of French, Flemish, Italian, English, and Dutch heritage, decorative items, curios, artwork, lighting, tapestries, vases, ivory figurines, garden ornaments, and so much more.

As well as the castle, Paul de Grande Antiques has also recently opened a showroom in Zeebrugge. This huge warehouse full of antiques is a little more accessible than Snellegem Castle. It is open every weekend and stocks goods of the same high quality.

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