t'Achterhuis spans 3 hectares of land and is so sprawling that visitors are presented with a map upon entry in order to be able to successfully navigate the piles of antique treasure and architectural salvage through the different rooms that make up the store

A combination of different passions drives the owners of t’Achterhuis in the Netherlands: antiques, interior design, sustainability, and quality craftsmanship are just a few. ‘t Achterhuis is a well-known name when it comes to antique construction material and architectural salvage. According to the history of its origins, founder Lambert van Alebeek was a baker whose clients paid their debts in construction antiques and old construction material. In 1965 Lambert started collecting this construction material and selling it on as a hobby. Seven years later he turned it into his profession.

t’Achterhuis has continued to expand over the years and the growth in size has been matched equally by the growth in respectability and reputation. The collection currently spans 3 hectares of land and is so sprawling that visitors will be presented with a map upon entry in order to be able to successfully navigate the piles of treasure through the different rooms that make up the store. The staff here are predominantly family members and all are equally passionate and knowledgeable. It can certainly take a few hours to fully explore all that t’Achterhuis has to offer, so plan accordingly!

The focus of t’Achterhuis is construction material and a wide variety is displayed throughout the premises, often in impressive quantities. The tiles, ceramic floor tiles, and natural stone floors are the main items that catch the eye. However, visitors can also find everything from façade bricks to small decorative elements in a steady supply. The inventory of available material is well maintained online for those that are not able to browse the site in person.

Restoration is a large task undertaken by t’Achterhuis. Amongst others, chimneys are restored, natural stone is sawed, tiles are cleaned, bricks are chipped, furniture and ironwork are repaired, and kitchen tables are made to measure. It is perhaps best to book an appointment to visit this impressive site. Then, staff can take you through the collections, discuss plans in-depth, and provide their advice and expertise to any project.

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