Die Glasfabrik

A 3,000 m² treasure trove for seasoned antique dealers and flea market enthusiasts, covering a spectrum of antiques in a broad range of prices

Behind an inconspicuous facade, in a building which long ago served as one of Vienna’s glass factory, rests Die Glasfabrik, a treasure trove for seasoned antique dealers and flea market enthusiasts.

Comprised of three warehouses covering 3,000 m², with scarred concrete floors and a paned glass facade punctuated by huge doors that open on to a courtyard, Die Glasfabrik operates as an antiques collective covering a spectrum of antiques in a broad range of prices. In fact, the motto of Die Glasfabrik sums it all: “a little of everything from 1670 to 1970″

Almost every day, the selection of merchandises is renewed:  Rare dishes, pictures, mirrors, glass vitrines, wardrobes, lamps, silverware, old advertising boards, antique oil paintings, hunting trophies, chandeliers galore, ceramics, figurines, vanities, chests, apothecary jars in any size imaginable, as well as all sorts of curiosities garantee that few visitors leave the premises empty handed.

Whether vintage, shabby chic or Biedermeier, Die Glasfabrik offers an eclectic mixture of goods of all eras and styles, from cult items and living things, to design objects and mid century modern furniture.

Prices are rather reasonable, and professional advice is free. Just remember to take enough cash with you, as credit cards are not accepted.

Antiquing Tip Of The Day

When I’m not able to travel, I check out a variety of online sources overseas and over the years have developed relationships with certain vendors who’ll let me save up my purchases until I have enough to fill a big box.

— Alex Wijnen, founder of Attic Antics
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