Dorking Halls Fine Antiques Fair

Launched back in the 1980s, Dorking Halls Fine Antiques Fair offers a fantastic range of antiques from a handpicked group of 120 dealers and is one of the longest-established and highly-regarded of its kind in Surrey

Launched back in the 1980s, the Dorking Halls Fine Antiques Fair is one of the longest-running antique fairs in Surrey and its surrounding areas. It is also one of the most highly regarded fairs of its kind and has gained a reputation for quality antiques and collectibles that stretches throughout the country. This fair takes place one Sunday each month through most of the year, so it is always greatly anticipated and looked forward to among collectors.

With more than 120 vendors now taking part to the event, Dorking Halls Fine Antiques Fair has certainly grown in size since its inception many years ago. It tends to attract a range of vendors, and all are very experienced in their fields and most are passionate collectors themselves. This means they are usually very knowledgeable about the wares they have for sale, and can, therefore, be a wonderful source of information for both serious collectors and those simply dabbling in the antique and vintage world.

There are treasures of all shapes and sizes up for grabs at the Dorking Halls Fine Antiques Fair. Stunning glassware can be found, alongside cabinets, drawers, vases, ceramic items, artwork, sculptures and other statues, cutlery and silverware, jewelry, lamps and light fixtures, plates, tools, vintages toys and a whole host of other curios and collectibles. Something to suit every taste can be found here, as well as every budget.

The location itself of the Dorking Halls Fine Antiques Fair is perfect for the display of items from yesteryear. The fair takes place in the Grand Hall, which has a lovely 1930s interior, high ceilings and lots of natural daylight. The open space is also very welcoming, and even with so many vendors it still feels as though there is plenty of space and as such, this fair avoids feeling too cluttered or busy and visitors can browse around without feeling any pressure to hurry along or make quick decisions.

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