Epsom Racecourse Antiques and Collectables Fair

Held just south of London, the Epsom Racecourse Antiques and Collectables Fair features two days a month around 200 stalls selling a selection of antique treasures to suit all budgets

For those that can not wait for the annual turnaround of some of the UK largest antiques fairs organized by Continuity Fairs, like Builth Wells, the Epsom Racecourse Antiques and Collectables Fair has you covered. This monthly event is held just south of London, and with around 200 stalls, plenty of free parking and more antique treasures than can be counted, it is sure to have shoppers parting with their money at each visit.

Unlike many of the antiques fairs that hedge their bets for fine weather and only open during summer months, the Epsom Racecourse Antiques and Collectables Fair takes place monthly throughout the year. This of course means that shoppers and stall holders alike have to content with whatever the British weather has to offer, but be sure that a gloomy day will not put off the crowds and the atmosphere here remains jovial regardless! Vendors are always friendly, welcoming the experienced collectors and novice browsers with equal enthusiasm, and are full of knowledge regarding their wares.

There are definitely antique pieces for sale at the Epsom Racecourse Antiques and Collectables Fair to suit all budgets. Professional dealers mingle in the crowds with those simply seeking a one-of-a-kind item to decorate their home, and this eclectic mix adds to the atmosphere at Epsom. Less experienced shoppers should not be afraid to try out their haggling skills, as dealers here are not adverse to a bit of bargaining.

The collections on display at Epsom Racecourse Antiques and Collectables Fair are incredibly varied and many are so wonderful to browse through; there are pieces of furniture with excellent craftmanship, antique clocks, old telephones, toys, magazine and comic collections, jewelery, clothing, stamps, coins and everything you could think of collecting! It is a special fair indeed, and one that takes visitors back in time, which is the main joy of visiting such a place.

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